My Dream House Great Room

My Dream House Great Room

My Dream House is in the shape of a cross and the Great Room with a cathedral ceiling is one wing of that shape. The railings that can be seen upstairs are intended to look like farm fencing. There is a fireplace in the dining room that backs up to this fireplace and beyond that is the kitchen. French doors on the left lead to the patio and a wall of windows that reach to the ceiling behind the camera will have a wonderful view and lead to a deck.

My Dream House Styrofoam Model

My Dream House Styrofoam Model

This is a model of My Dream House made from foam board and white paper tape. I drew the clapboard on the side with a pen and printed the windows on my computer. The dormers are made of heavy paper, taped together. The scale of the red truck is pretty close, quarter inch to the foot.

Dream House Elevation

Dream House Elevation

This is the street side elevation of my Dream House

Blue Prints of my Dream House are almost ready

Blue Prints of my Dream House are almost ready

Amateur architect here, drawing up the plans for my Dream House, a 2-story cape cod in the shape of a cross. The dining room is the hub. The master bedroom is downstairs and the other 3 bedroom are upstairs. The great room has a 2-story ceiling and part of the dining room also extends to the roof. It should be a nice house to live in with large open spaces and smaller more intimate spaces.

I’ve been building model houses since I was a teenager, in fact I designed this house when I was 18 and built a model of out of balsa wood. It was 1/8″ to the foot scale and I used slate that had fallen  from our roof for stone walls. It was an English Tudor design  and I used sandpaper for the stucco. I even put a grand piano in the living room. I still have that house.